Request a Forum

Evolving with Our User Needs…

Is there a forum you don’t yet see that you would like to use in the Fourums? Just fill out the form below and we will get it built as quick as we can. We are currently adding forums as fast as we can which will include every county in the nation and every project area we can find, but if your county is ready to start using this website and it is not built yet, just fill out the form and we will move it up in the priority list. The same goes for any project area or topic area as well. If you want a forum for a specific project area in your county, we will build that too. So if you want to a Llama Project specific forum under Jefferson County Colorado, just say the word and we will put it in.

Do you want a private forum for your club to avoid the annoying ongoing email chains of club communication? Just fill out the private forum section of this form. Only the people that you indicate will be able to see your forum once they login. Only you and those you’ve added will be able to see and interact within that forum. You can then just add and drop members from your forum as your club changes. You will need to have all members of your club register with Fourum BEFORE you fill out this form, we will not add members that have not already signed up with this site. You can also request private forums for other groups like advisory boards if you would like to discuss issues in a non-public venue.

Do you want the forum you are requesting to be viewed by everyone (public) or a select group of people (private)?