Fourum Quick Start Guide


Welcome to the Biggest Gamechanger in Recent 4-H History!

A new and totally free social media website designed specifically to connect 4-Hers across the nation has just been launched. It will allow for a more fluid exchange of information across geographical boundaries to empower all participants in the 4-H program. It is brand new and will be bringing different states on board every week for the upcoming months. It also features a 4-H Resource Library that will consolidate useful material for every project under the sun. Because it is a user-driven website, it will take a bit of time to get its feet under its legs and start running. Here is the quick and easy guide to get started–it will only take a few minutes, but those few minutes will help propel a priceless tool for 4-Hers everywhere. READ THE FULL SITE DETAILS BY CLICKING HERE

Get going in less than 3 minutes…

1. Create an account by clicking here.

2. Find your county’s forum and hit the “subscribe” button. When anyone posts in your county’s forum, you will receive email notification.

3. Find the forums for the project areas you participate in  and subscribe to those as well.

4. Start a conversation or ask a question with the “New Topic” button in any forum you are interested in. Or wait till someone else does and chime in.

That’s it!

You can also submit resources to the library or request your own forum to help further your experience with

Safety is #1
Only the most basic relevant information is collected on users to protect the privacy in a platform that will include a membership of many youth.G-rated and Positive Atmosphere
Only constructive conversations and information will be allowed through ongoing moderation. Personal attacks and BULLYING WILL NEVER BE TOLERATED. Anyone breaking our Terms and Conditions will be warned and barred from use.Feedback from Across the Nation:
Peers and volunteers all over the nation can connect with project-specific questionsPersonal Messaging System
If anyone needs to share personal information with other volunteers, participants or Extension staffers, our personal messaging system allows you to share that privately so everyone can connect with the information that is needed in a safe and protected way without having to share personal emails with everyone.

Flexible Custom Forums
Fourum will evolve and flex with user needs. Clubs can request private forums, and anyone can request a forum anywhere. As long is it is conducive to the 4-H mission, we will likely acquiesce. So if your county wants a specific project or other type of forum within your county, just fill out our Forum Request Form and it will be done. No request is out of the bounds of possibilities, this site was built for its users and will be responsive to those users. If you want your own personal “Ask the Extension Agent” forum in your county, we will do that in a snap as well.

Topic and Forum Subscriptions
Not everybody wants to be checking a forum all the time, but with our subscription options, you can simply subscribe to particular forum and receive emails when someone posts in those forums or topics. Just subscribe to your county’s forum and you will be notified when a new conversation begins.

Resource Library
Scattered throughout the internet and counties across the nation are effective and amazing documents and resources for 4-Hers. Unfortunately they can be difficult to find or are hidden away from search algorithms. We are compiling the most consolidated library of resources possible for every project we can find. So anyone within any project can scan through a pile of relevant links for each project. We will also be instituting a rating system, because 4-Hers know what other 4-Hers needs when it comes to information. Users can submit their own resources for everyone else to use and we will continually scan the Web to increase this offering. It is currently just getting started, but we aim to make it a veritable online University for every project.

4-H News
Across the nation every day, 4-Hers are acting in inspiring ways and our news section aims to capture that in order to spark more inspiration across state and county lines.