About Fourum

A Social Media Network Designed for 4-H

Are you a 4-H project or club leader looking for ideas or insight into a particular project area? Wouldn’t it be nice to receive suggestions from project leaders from all across the nation? Are you a new member to 4-H wanting to speak to a 4-H veteran? Are you looking for volunteers in your area or want suggestions on local resources? This will be the place to do all those things–and SOO MUCH MORE! There is a mountain of collected knowledge within the 4-H realm and this will make that knowledge exponentially available to everyone involved. The geographical boundaries of 4-Hers should not impede their ability to connect with other 4-Hers across the country in an effective way, and Fourum aims to be that way. This will become an online clearing house for all information relating to 4-H.

You can click here to REGISTER and start using Fourum right now, but it is a MAJOR work in the process, so please be patient as the features and elements get put in to place.


Fourum will be a platform to connect past and present 4-H members along with volunteers and interested individuals from all corners of the nation. It is not connected to the 4-H organization in an official way, there is no 4-H resources or funding being utilized to put together this website–and this lack of official partnership will provide the freedom needed to facilitate discourse from everywhere. By being unaffiliated, Fourum is not directed by the 4-H organization–though we will seek its suggestions and cooperation whenever we are able. We will require all participants to act within the national 4-H code of ethics, but we are not bound by the county-to-county regulation that causes siloing of communication within the official 4-H channels.

There are of course numerous social media outlets and mediums like Facebook that 4-H participants utilize, but none of these provide the openness and organizational structure that the dynamic nature of 4-H demands. And nothing exists that can consolidate the vast information and voices out there in the 4-H community in a user-friendly manner without being solely focused on this unique and powerful program.

Safety and Security is Our #1 Priority

We will never collect or utilize personal information beyond the county and role of any of our members. Since 4-H is made up mostly of minors, we want to make sure no-one is posting any personal information in the public forums. We will have a directory so 4-Hers can get in touch with past and present 4-Hers and it will display the name, county and role of the user, users will also have the option to not be displayed in the directory. Our policies require every minor using this site to be doing so under the supervision of their parent and/or guardian. No post should contain any information that the poster would not want printed in a newspaper or other public medium and we will be vigilant in making sure all users follow this rule. We will however provide private forums for any club or 4-H group that would like to discuss topics that they do not want displayed publically. We will also implement a private messaging service so anyone can reach out to another 4-H member to discuss details they do not want to discuss within the Fourums.

A Forum for Every County and Project Area

Our forums will be organized by location and project areas (we will add other forums as we move forward as well). This way everyone can connect in the most efficient way. When you have a question about the Rocketry project area that is not location-specific, you can post it in that forum and get feedback from rocket participants all over the nation. When you have a question that is more specific to your county, you can discuss it in your county forum. Every county will have a forum–please be patient while we get this in place as it is a time-consuming task. But if your county is not yet included and you are rarin’ to go, feel free to fill out our Fourum Request Form to get it moved up in our priority list.

A Veritable Online 4-H University

Along with being a discussion board for all the 4-Hers out there, this will also be a database of information. We will be working to gather news, videos and an online library of 4-H resources that will be organized in an easily navigable way. ¬†We will do this with online literature, videos and 4-H news. These elements will rely heavily on user submission. But when we get 6 million people submitting links to online resources, it will become an unrivaled 4-H resource where you can type the word “rabbit project” and essentially attend an online University of relevant material. Google is great, but it is not designed with 4-H in mind–Our database will be.

Working Toward Sustainability

This is currently a labor of love and it will always be free to users. But as this online community catches on it will require funding to maintain higher bandwith and moderation needs. To maintain its quality level it will seek donations from users and implement paid advertising in order to maintain its operating expenses as they increase. This will all be a bit of a chicken and egg dance–and as more resources are pulled together we will be able to put more attention and develop the resources faster. We may implement a crowdfunding push to fastrack the development of all the elements, but first we must create a community of users. So if you think this will be a valuable resource, please sign up, use the forums as much as possible and SPREAD THE WORD.

Feel free to discuss any suggestions in the suggestion forum, we are all ears as we get this project launched and we would love to talk with you!

Contact Information

Feel free to post any suggestions for this website in the Fourums so everyone can view and discuss them, but if you would like to personally reach out to the Fourum team, email contact@fourum.org.